Multilingual Learner Project

About the Program

The Multilingual Learner Project (MLP) prepares teams of high school teachers to support the academic and socioemotional needs of Multilingual Learners (also known as English Language Learners), one of the country’s fastest growing groups of students. Designed by scholars and instructional specialists from The City College of New York and New Visions for Public Schools, the program aims to support the literacy development and academic achievement of Multilingual Learners across content areas.

The program is fully funded and provides teachers with a unique opportunity to earn a New York State certification in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), free of charge.

There are limited spaces available; teachers who are interested in this opportunity should form a team immediately and begin assembling their application materials. Click here to learn more about MLP’s benefits for schools and teachers.


“The way the MLP is structured—the classes, workshops, coaching—guides us to help the students. Each class has meaningful and useful information to apply the next day! I’m an ELL myself. Everything they talk about in each class is what I lived, and now I have strategies to help my students. ” Program Participant, Cohort 1

What are the benefits to teachers?

Additional certification – Teachers have the opportunity to earn an additional and increasingly sought-after teaching certificate (TESOL).

Instructional support – Teachers receive ongoing individual and team-based support from ELL specialists during the 2018-2019 school year.

Funding –  Tuition and fees, estimated at $7,000 per teacher, are fully funded. 

Salary – All participants who complete the program earn 13 graduate credits. DOE teachers can apply these credits toward salary differentials. Charter teachers who have a NYS teaching certificate and complete the program are eligible for an annual stipend differential of $2,500.

Online Learning – Some coursework is offered online via web conferencing and an online learning platform, allowing teachers the flexibility of learning from the comfort of their home.

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Program Timeline

Off-site professional development takes place during two days in late August and four days over the course of the school year. Teachers also engage in regular professional development activities in their schools throughout the school year, including bi-weekly, in-school sessions, facilitated by ELL specialists.