SY 23-24 Mock Regents

Regents Readiness Support

Administering mock Regents exams provides valuable data for assessing student readiness, building student confidence, and improving student performance on the actual Regents exams. The Portal by New Visions offers support to leaders and teachers with analyzing mock Regents data!

Starting now, schools are able to download up to six June 2023 Regents exam and New Visions-provided answer sheets. Then in April, schools will be able to submit answer sheets to New Visions, and view their results in the Portal.

In the Portal, schools will be able to:

  • View pass rates by exam, broken down by course-section and subgroup
  • See which areas, standards, and questions were the most challenging
  • Quickly identify students who would benefit from small group instruction or additional support

Spring 2024 Mock Regents Materials are available

Materials for administering and scoring the Spring 2024 Mock Regents are now available. Results can be submitted to the Portal in April. Details can be found in the Spring 2024 Mock Regents Exam Administration Guidebook.

The Process for Schools

Step 1: Download exam booklets and answer sheets.

Select from up to six June 2023 Regents exams to administer. Download and print the exam booklets and provided answer sheets in the Portal under Regents → Mock Regents. You must use the New Visions-provided answer sheets.

View Exam Resources

Step 2: Administer & Score

Administer the mock Regents exams to students, then score the constructed response and essay questions and bubble in points.

Step 3: Scan completed answer sheets to PDF

Using a printer in school, scan answer sheets into a single PDF file for each exam. Most printers have a “Scan to PDF” setting. Please verify student OSIS numbers are bubbled in correctly on each answer sheet.

Step 4: Submit PDF files via Google Form

Submit PDF files for each exam to New Visions. We will let schools know when their results are available in the Portal. They can expect a 2-3 day turnaround time.

Training to support administration and analysis are scheduled and listed below.

Spring 2024 Mock Regents Calendar

New Visions Trainings to Support Mock Regents

Training is offered for both administering and analyzing Spring 2024 Mock Regents.

Registration Links* Suggested Participants
Session 1: Administering New Visions Mock Regents

This virtual session covers planning to give a mock Regents.

Administrators or Regents coordinators
Session 2: Analyzing New Visions Mock Regents Data in the Portal

This virtual session covers interpreting mock Regents data.

Teams should attend this together:

  • AP and/or department lead
  • Teachers

* Registration links  will continue to be updated here and in the Spring 2024 Mock Regents Exam Administration Guidebook as the sessions become available for sign up.

Mini-Mock Regents Pilot

Selected New Visions projects will pilot a mini-mock Regents tool in SY 23-24. 

New Visions is creating a mini-mock Regents tool with interim assessments aligned to shared curricula and drawing on past Regents items. This mini-mock sequence will culminate in the spring full mock Regents, thereby providing year-long support for student success on the end-of-year exams. School teams participating in specific math and science programs will be invited to participate in the pilot, providing mini-mock assessments first in early November and again in mid-January. New Visions will share more information with invited school teams to sufficiently plan for each mini-mock opportunity. 

First Mini-MockSecond Mini-MockFull Mock Regents
Late October - Early November 2023Late January 2024Late April - May 2024

New Visions anticipates rolling out the mini-mock Regents tool more widely in SY 2024-25.

Questions? Email us at mockregentsteam@newvisions.org for more information