B-SEAL for Multilingual Learners

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About the Program

Building Secondary Educator and Administrator Leadership (B-SEAL) for Multilingual Learners prepares teams of high school teachers and leaders to serve the academic and socioemotional needs of Multilingual Learners (also known as English Language Learners), one of the country’s most diverse and fastest growing groups of students. Building on the work of the Multilingual Learner Project (MLP), this program is designed by scholars and instructional specialists from The City College of New York and New Visions for Public Schools to support the literacy development and achievement of Multilingual Learners across content areas.

The program provides teachers with a unique opportunity to earn either a New York State certification in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or a Bilingual Extension, at almost no out-of-pocket cost to participants. The program provides school leaders with professional development hours in a Professional Learning Community (PLC), to understand the needs of MLs and to program for them more effectively.

There are limited spaces available; teachers and school leaders who are interested in this opportunity should form a team immediately and begin assembling their application materials. Click here to learn more about B-SEAL’s benefits for school leaders and educators.

Click here to learn more about B-SEAL’s benefits for schools and teachers.


What are the benefits to teachers?

Additional certification – Teachers have the opportunity to earn an additional and increasingly sought-after teaching certificate (TESOL or Bilingual Extension)

Instructional support – Teachers receive ongoing individual and team-based support from ML specialists during the 2022-2023 school year.

Funding – The program covers the cost of tuition and fees, estimated at a value of approximately $8,500. Teachers will earn 13 graduate credits.


What are the benefits to leaders?

Collaboration with peers – Leaders will participate in a Professional Learning Community (PLC) to discover ways to program newly-certified teachers, use literacy data effectively, and better support MLs in their schools. This PLC meets virtually, in one two-hour session once a month for 12 months.  

Teaming support – Leaders participate in an in-person, school-based professional learning community with the B-SEAL participating teachers during monthly site visits. In this PLC, leaders and teachers learn to analyze classroom-level literacy data to inform instruction.

Participation in the PLCs count toward the 175 hour Professional Development Requirement for renewal.


  • Teachers must have initial or professional certification, and will choose whether to earn TESOL certification or a Bilingual Extension.
  • To pursue the Bilingual Extension, teachers must be bilingual and biliterate in another language.

Program Timeline

Teachers begin the program in January 2022 by taking two online graduate courses in the spring semester. In the summer, participating school leaders join a virtual, cross-school Professional Learning Community while teachers take their third course, also online. In the fall of the following school year, teachers complete their graduate coursework, begin the practicum and participate in in-school, team-based professional learning communities, facilitated by ML specialists.