Instructional Network for School Improvement

About the Instructional Network for School Improvement

The Instructional Network for School Improvement (INSI) brings schools together to use common tools (a high-quality Algebra curriculum and the New Visions Portal) and common methods (continuous improvement and instructional coaching) to meet a shared aim of increasing the number of Black students, Latino students, and students experiencing poverty who graduate from high school and enroll in a postsecondary opportunity that allows them to succeed in life.

The initiative, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, builds on the continuous improvement work of the New Visions College Readiness Network for School Improvement (CRNSI) with a focus on shared math curriculum for ninth grade, using the Illustrative Math Algebra I course.

Network Aim

Our vision is that 100% of students complete ninth grade college ready in mathematics.

As our network of schools progresses towards that vision, our aim is that by June 2025, we double the number of ninth-grade students earning a college-ready designation on the NYS Regents Exam in Algebra I, which will close half the distance between our starting point and 100%.