Instructional Network for School Improvement

We are working towards 100% College Readiness in Algebra I by the end of 9th grade. We are focused on addressing disproportionate outcomes among Black and Latino students and students experiencing poverty.

About the Instructional Network for School Improvement

The Instructional Network for School Improvement (INSI) brings twenty-three New York City schools together to use common tools and common methods to meet a shared aim of increasing the number of Black students, Latino students, and students experiencing poverty who graduate from high school and enroll in a postsecondary opportunity that allows them to succeed in life.

The initiative, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, builds on the continuous improvement work of the New Visions College Readiness Network for School Improvement (CRNSI) with a focus on shared math curriculum for ninth grade, using the Illustrative Mathematics Algebra I course.

Our Network Aim

Our vision is that 100% of students complete ninth grade college ready in mathematics.

By 2025, our network’s aim is for all schools to have a college-ready Algebra 1 rate at or above 72% across all subgroups.

Our school teams work together as a community of practice to connect, share, and make sense of change ideas that will increase the impact of each school’s teaming, Illustrative Mathematics implementation, student belonging improvements, and student learning improvements.

These approaches are directed towards changing key practices in schools that will manifest in measureably improved outcomes along five primary drivers.