Teacher Pathways Program FAQs

Program Questions

When will the program officially begin? How long will it last?

  • The summer intensive will begin full-time in mid June 2020.
  • Pathways Teachers will begin working full-time at their schools in mid August 2020
  • Hunter College coursework continues for two years while employed full time, with anticipated graduation in May 2022.

Can I choose my mentor or where I am hired as a Pathways Teacher?

New Visions will send Pathways program candidates to participating schools for interview events. A participating New Visions Charter High School must offer the candidate a position in order for the candidate to be admitted to the Pathways program. Similarly, candidates do not make a commitment to the program until they know where they have been offered a position. You should take school fit and commuting time into consideration when you make your decision about accepting an offer from the program. Your assigned mentor will be an experienced teacher in your content area who has met the criteria for becoming a Master Teacher at our charter schools

You can find more information about each of our schools and a map of their locations.

What is the role of a Special Education teacher?

New Visions for Public Schools’ vision is that all learners have equal access to educational opportunities where barriers to learning are reduced and learner diversity is recognized, supported, and embraced. As a Special Educator, you will bring expertise in designing and implementing lessons that reduce barriers to learning so that all students can achieve their potential. Our Special Educators

  • Co-teach in core content area classes with content specialists
  • Lead reading and math intervention courses
  • Work with students, families, and colleagues to set goals, identify needed supports, and advocate for students to ensure that they receive what they need to be successful

When will I be a certified teacher? What type of certification is it?

  • All certifications are New York State Certifications, valid throughout NY State.
  • Pathways teacher must complete all of the requirements for the Transitional B Certification by September 1st, 2020 in order to continue in the program.
  • Program faculty and staff will provide supports and resources for candidates to prepare them to meet certification requirements.
  • Maintaining good standing in the Pathways program is required to maintain Transitional B Certification.
  • Upon graduation from the Master’s Degree and completion of the program requirements, Pathways teachers will be recommended for Initial Certification.

How are mentors selected for the program?

Mentors are nominated by the principal and are high-performing, experienced and certified teachers. All mentors participate in a selection process and receive ongoing professional development.

Can I select the courses I take at Hunter? Can Pathways Teachers accelerate or change the course sequence?

Your courses are scheduled by Hunter College to ensure that they are aligned to the certification requirements and your developmental trajectory. If you have prior relevant coursework, your transcript can be evaluated on an individual basis after your enrollment, and the course sequence adjusted accordingly. Admissions conditions can sometimes be fulfilled through CLEP exams. Hunter College is responsible for transcript review and determines whether any completed credits can be applied.

Can I maintain my current job or another job during the program?

The Pathways program is a full-time commitment, beginning in mid-June 2020. Intensive coursework and school-based responsibilities keep residents VERY BUSY during the program.

Who should I contact with questions about the program?
Marisa Harford: mharford@newvisions.org 646-486-8157


Admissions Process


What are the stages of the admissions process?

Our application process is rolling; candidates must complete all stages, including a school-based interview, and be offered a position by one of our New Visions Charter High Schools in order to be admitted to the program. Applicants who begin the process early have a better chance of being accepted!

  • October through February: Initial online application Link to the application
  • November through March: Online video interview and writing sample
  • November through March: Academic transcript review by Hunter College
  • By April 26th (for score reporting by May 13th): Completion of GRE and passing either part I or part II of the Multi-Subject Content Specialty Tests for 7-12 Special Education prior to admission to the program  see NYSTCE site for more detail
  • March-May: School-based interview at a New Visions Charter High School
  • May: Offer and hire
  • Mid-June: Program begins full time

We work to move our candidates through the admissions process as quickly as possible. Incomplete information, such as missing test scores or transcripts, will cause a significant delay/loss of program offer. If there is a delay or missing information, the New Visions program staff will be in touch with the candidate. 

If you are deciding between the Pathways Program and another program with an upcoming decision deadline, please let our admissions team know so that we can do our best to provide you with information to inform your decision.

Is there support for the certification exams?

Yes! For candidates who have completed the initial application, academic review, and video interview stages, we will provide access to FREE certification preparation workshops. You will receive information related to the schedule of these workshops when you complete the academic review, and video interview stages.

How many candidates will receive offers?

Our program receives a large volume of high quality applicants on a yearly basis for limited spots. Typically, the program admits 15% of their applicants.  We are looking for candidates who have proven academic success, are coachable, collaborative and professional. We will admit as many highly-qualified candidates who match with a mentor and school as possible.


Financial Information


What will my salary be?

As a Pathways Teacher, you are hired as a full-time teacher at one of our New Visions Charter High Schools and will receive a salary and comprehensive benefits package. For more information, see an overview of New Visions benefits.  Your tuition at Hunter College is paid directly by New Visions and your salary will be equivalent to the normal New Visions salary schedule, minus the annual cost of tuition and program fees. 

  • The Pathways teacher salary in the first 14 months (June 2020-July 2021) will be around $50,000 (exact amount subject to annual changes in Hunter College tuition and program fees)
  • The Pathways teacher salary in the second year of the program (August 2021-July 2022) will be around $58,000 (exact amount subject to annual changes in Hunter College tuition and program fees)
  • Subsequent to the second full year, Pathways teachers earn the same salaries as all other New Visions Charter High School Teachers according to the salary schedule

When will the salary start?

Pathway Teachers will be added to their respective schools’ payroll at the beginning of the program in mid June 2020, and thus should expect a first paycheck at the end of June or beginning of July.

When does my health insurance coverage begin? 

Your health insurance will be activated as of the beginning of the program in mid June 2020. 

How will Hunter College tuition be paid? 

Your graduate school tuition at Hunter College is deducted from the full time New Visions teacher salary; you pay no tuition directly (tuition is paid by New Visions for Public Schools). The tuition costs are subject to change per CUNY guidelines.

What expenses are not covered by the Pathways program during my first year as a Charter Pathways Teacher?

Please note that costs listed are approximate and subject to change.

  • Fingerprinting: $135 
  • Math Diagnostic Exam (for special education teachers only): $15
  • Educating All Students Exam: $92 
  • Multi-Subject Content Specialty Test (CST) Exams for Special Education – total for all three exams: $179 
  • Child Abuse Identification and Prevention + School Violence Prevention (SAVE) workshops: $30-$40 (can be taken online or in person)
  • DASA Workshop: $65-$120 (in person at Hunter College)
  • Trans B certification application:  $50
  • GRE: $160
  • Books/ materials at Hunter College (throughout the program): TBD
  • Credit costs for any admissions conditions (throughout the program): TBD
  • Transportation costs: TBD

During my second year, what certification expenses are not covered by the Pathways program?

  • EdTPA $300 (Spring of second year)
  • Students with Disabilities Exam (Summer/Fall of second year)
  • Initial certification application (after graduation): $50