Who We Are

The Teacher Pathways Program, through New Visions for Public Schools, is a 24-month teacher preparation master’s degree program that trains exceptional teachers to work in New Visions Charter High Schools in partnership with Hunter College, CUNY. We provide mentoring, support, graduate coursework, and financial benefits for all Pathways teachers.

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Why Choose the Teacher Pathways Program?

We know that not every excellent teacher takes a direct path to the classroom. The Teacher Pathways program was designed to support individuals who don’t currently have a teaching credential to become teachers in our New Visions Charter High Schools.

Every young person needs an advocate, a helping hand and a listening ear along the path to success. At New Visions Charter High Schools, our talented, dedicated Special Education teachers are a cornerstone to providing our students equal access to educational opportunities. 

As a Pathways Teacher, you will become an integral part of your students’ success. In the span of two years, we’ll help you to attain your goal of becoming an effective, certified educator. You will benefit from one-on-one support from an experienced mentor teacher, and earn your master’s degree in secondary education for grades 7-12 and your initial state teacher certification.

Program Details

“The support from the program is what kept me going this year. My coach was always a listening ear, always providing me with tools and ideas for how to teach… my cohort was very important to me too. Without them, I don’t know where I would be.” Cynthia Roach, New Visions program graduate and Special Education teacher at the Academy for Software Engineering

Selection Criteria

We’re looking for individuals who:
  • Are either career-changers or recent college graduates
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree conferred by June 2020
  • Have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0
  • Are NOT currently certified to teach in the U.S.
  • Submit official GRE scores and pass at least either part I or part II of the Multi-Subject Content Specialty Tests for 7-12 Special Education prior to admission to the program  see NYSTCE site for more detail
  • Have a commitment to changing the lives of New York City’s students,  especially students from historically under-served populations, and an interest in working in Special Education
  • Are willing to commit to intensive summer preparation, coursework, and ongoing professional development for their first two years of teaching
  • For more information about academic eligibility, see academic eligibility requirements.