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Supporting the Next Generation: Effective Mentoring and Coaching of Novice Teachers

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Dates:  Saturdays, April 14, 2018 – May 12, 2018, with asynchronous online work completed before the first session and between subsequent in-person sessions
Time: 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
New Visions’ Fee: $100*
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Grounded in research on effective teacher mentoring and induction,
this course emphasizes data-based mentoring strategies, providing actionable feedback, and the importance of a strong mentor-novice relationship that promotes a novice teacher’s instructional practice. Teachers enrolled in this course will develop as instructional leaders and engage in reflection about their own practice, especially in using collaborative inquiry techniques to help novices improve on their ability to use assessment to drive instruction. We will be using the Danielson Framework as a coaching and feedback tool to support new teachers through effective strategies.

Participants who are currently working as mentors/coaches and those who aspire to serve as mentors in the future are ideal candidates for the course. In addition, participants who successfully complete this course will receive mentor certification from the NYC DOE Mentoring and Induction Unit.

As a result of taking this course, teachers will be able to:

  1. Develop an effective rapport and a set of mentoring practices with the novice teacher
  2. Use the Danielson Framework to ground feedback to a novice and set goals for improvement
  3. Provide actionable, specific feedback through data-based coaching conversations
  4. Develop a novice teacher’s inquiry skills and ability to use assessment to drive instruction
  5. Apply other coaching strategies such as using video, role-plays, co-planning, modeling and reflective protocols
  6. Negotiate the various roles and responsibilities of being a School-Based mentor

Course Expectations:

  • Attend three 4-hour face-to-face sessions
  • Complete online course assignments and activities before and after each session (12 hours total), including discussion board postings, Google Docs collaborations, and midterm and final mentoring scenario assignments
  • Actively participate in both in-person and online course components

This class will be taught by

Jared Beloff

Jared Beloff has taught English at the middle school, high school and college levels since 2007, and since 2012 he has been a grade team leader as well as a mentor and model teacher for the New Visions/Hunter College Urban Teacher Residency Learning Partners Program (UTR). He currently teaches 9th Grade Humanities and AP English Literature & Composition for the Academy for Careers in TV and Film. His mentorship of UTR residents over the past three years includes intervisitations, modeling strategies and reflection meetings for professional development. Jared earned a B.A. in English from Rutgers University, an M.A. in English Literature from Johns Hopkins University and an MAT from Empire State College for the teaching of English. He is currently enrolled in the Collaborative Leadership to Advance School Success (CLASS) program through New Visions where he is preparing to earn the New York State Building and District Leader Certifications.


“Jared was absolutely SPECTACULAR. He was knowledgeable and supportive both in person and online. He gave the class materials and tools that we could use now and in our future classrooms.” Course Participant, Summer 2016

Course Location

FedCap Career Design School
210 E 43rd St,
New York, NY 10017

“It surpassed expectations!” Course Participant, Summer 2017

Course Fees & Registration Policies

*New Visions is covering the course fees for educators who work in a New Visions school (charter or district). See our terms & conditions page for further information regarding registering with the DOE for P-credit and other details such as our refund policy.