Assessment Literacy

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Taking Back Assessment:
Using authentic assessments to support student learning

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Dates: Wednesdays, March 14 – April 25
Time: 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
New Visions’ Fee: $25*
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How do we determine what to teach? And how do we know if students are actually learning? These simple questions that teachers often struggle with often comprise the foundation of a teacher’s role in the education of their students. This course addresses these questions and provides opportunities for teachers to create informal and formal assessments for their individual class’ needs. Participants will develop their assessment literacy, the “knowledge and skills needed to… (1) gather accurate information about student achievement, and (2) use the assessment process and its results efficiency to improve achievement.”  

In a collaborative setting, educators will develop the capacity to integrate sound assessment strategies into their work, and use student-level data to enrich team conversations, guide instructional decisions, and impact student achievement.  

As a result of taking this course, teachers will know and be able to do the following:

  1. Use assessments and align them to clear learning targets
  2. Gather student assessment data effectively
  3. Analyze student data to inform instructional decisions and improve student learning
  4. Navigate Google Suite tools, such as Google Forms, Docs, Sheets and Slides to support the collection, analysis and presentation of student data

Course Expectations:

  • Attend six 2-hour in-person sessions
  • Complete session reflections on current assessment practices and the use of assessments
  • Participate in class discussions, by actively listening, using evidence and engaging with the ideas of others
  • Complete an assignment using real student data and student work
  • Conduct an assessment for learning presentation in class

This class will be taught by

Deborah McLaughlin

Deborah is Science Chair at the Business of Sports School in Manhattan where she teaches Living Environment and AP Environmental Science.  As a member of the Teacher Advisory Board for the New Visions Living Environment curriculum project, she works to improve and disseminate curriculum materials aligned to NYS Regents and Common Core Standards.  Deborah is also a Math for America Master Science Teacher, and has facilitated national and local professional development workshops on using group learning routines and the 5E instructional model to teach science.     @DebMcLaughlin16

Course Location

New Visions for Public Schools
205 E. 42nd Street, 4th FL
New York, NY 10017

Course Fees & Registration Policies

*New Visions is covering the course fees for educators who work in a New Visions school (charter or district). See our terms & conditions page for further information regarding registering with the DOE for P-credit and other details such as our refund policy.