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G Suite Foundations: Google Basics for Educators and School Staff

Due to popular demand, this summer we are offering G Suite Foundations on two occasions. Scroll down for course dates and to register for one of the two sections.

Google Suite for EDU (G Suite) is a popular cloud productivity, teaching and learning platform used in many NYCDOE schools, universities, and modern workplaces. Free, school-managed G Suite accounts include a range of powerful tools for participants and administrators. This course will focus on how G Suite tools can support powerful shifts in the daily administrative workflow of educators, as well as student digital skills acquisition. By learning to use these digital tools to support instruction, participants will be able to easily pull together student data and use it to differentiate assignments, improve the quality and timeliness of the feedback they provide to their students, and create engaging student-centered activities.

Participants who successfully complete the course will demonstrate the ability to use G Suite for Education tools to manage classroom workflow and create engaging student lessons, activities, and assessment opportunities. Participants will extend that competency by aligning course assignments with specific SAMR levels and reflecting upon each tools impact on student digital skills and citizenship.


This course assumes that participating teachers can easily use the G Suite core applications (Mail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Classroom) and that they and their students will have GAFE accounts and devices for use in the classroom context. To accomplish the objectives of this course, participants should have regular access to a class set of reliable laptop (or tablet) devices and Internet connectivity with sufficient bandwidth to accommodate the use of Google’s browser-based and/or mobile applications.

Did you know?

We offer a sequence of three G Suite for Teachers courses! You don’t need to take each of them, but you should find the one that meets your learning needs. Click here to see a table outlining the differences.

This class will be taught by Elizabeth Shadock.

Elizabeth Shadock is an Instructional Specialist for Technology and Writing and is responsible for implementing the Drive to Write program at selected New Visions Affinity schools. Before coming to New Visions, she worked at an international school in Curitiba, Brazil, where she taught high school English and acted as a Technology Integration Specialist. Prior to this work, she served as a teacher in Shenzhen, China and in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She holds dual Bachelors Degrees from Texas State University in History and Communications and a Masters Degree in Educational Technology from the University of Texas. Elizabeth is also a Google Certified Educator and often coaches other educators seeking Google Certification.


Section 1

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Dates: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, July 27, 2020 – August 5, 2020
Time: 1:00 – 2:30pm via web-conference
New Visions’ Fee: $100.00*
Related Materials: Syllabus

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Section 2

Registration open!
Dates: Daily, August 24, 2020 – August 28, 2020
Time: 3:30 – 5:00pm via web-conference
New Visions’ Fee: $100.00*
Related Materials: Syllabus

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Choose the G Suite course that's right for you!


Course Title

G Suite Foundations: Google Basics for Educators and School Staff

G Suite for Teachers: Grounding Tech Tools in Effective Instructional Practice

G suite for Teachers II: Data-Driven Instruction Made Easy with Tech


G-Suite Foundations

Integrating G-Suite in Assessment of Learning

Analyzing Data to Drive Instruction


I will be able to use Google Tools to organize my work.

I will be able to use Google Tools to better collect and analyze evidence of ALL my students learning.

I will be able to use data protocols alongside Google Tools to better analyze evidence of learning to guide my instructional practice.

G-Suite Apps

Drive, Docs


Forms, Sheets

Calendar, Gmail


Sites, Classroom, Drive

Forms, Sheets








Power Tools

variety of other add-ons that support formative assessment

Data Chain protocol & ATLAS protocol

Proficiency expected

As this is a foundations course, no familiarity with G-Suite apps is expected.

Participants ability to use G-Suite apps will be assumed. This course will introduce add-ons as a way to increase proficiency and fluency.

Familiarity with G-Suite apps and add-ons is necessary, proficiency and fluency will be assumed, and the tools will be used to support effective data protocols.

Course Fees & Registration Policies

*New Visions is covering the course fees for educators who work in a New Visions school (charter or district). See our terms & conditions page for further information regarding registering with the DOE for P-credit and other details such as our refund policy.