Application Questions


If I don’t meet the minimum GPA requirements, can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply for CLASS if you do not meet the minimum GPA requirements. You can explain any extenuating circumstances in the optional essay in the application.

Who is considered an international student for the priority/international deadline?

Students who have completed their bachelor’s degree outside the U.S. where English was not the native language or students who have completed fewer than 90 credits toward their bachelor’s degree in the U.S will need to apply by the priority/international deadline. This is to ensure your official transcripts will be submitted to Hunter College in time for matriculation.

Are international students required to take the TOEFL Test?

Yes, students who have completed their bachelor’s degree outside the U.S. or who have completed fewer than 90 credits toward their bachelor’s degree in the U.S. are required to take the TOEFL Test.

Please direct the Educational Testing Service (ETS) ( to send your TOEFL scores to Hunter College, Graduate Admissions Office, using institutional code 2301.

What are the required minimum TOEFL scores for required for CLASS?

  • Overall: Paper Based Test: 575/ Computer Administered Test: 233/ IBT: 68 (less speaking component)Writing: Paper Based Test: 4.5/ IBT Writing Section: 22
  • Speaking: Paper Based Test: 45/ IBT Speaking Section: 23

Why do I need my principal’s letter of recommendation?

A large component of CLASS is the integration of coursework into your professional work which includes taking on more leadership roles within your school, observing and providing feedback to colleagues, and working with the principal in a mentor-type relationship.

If I already have a master’s degree, do I need to take the GRE? What is the minimum score required?

The GRE is a mandatory state requirement as a part of the New York State Education Transformation Act of 2015, which requires applicants of graduate-level teacher education and educational leadership programs to take the GRE for admissions. All SBL/SDL programs in New York State require the GRE in their admissions standards. However, for Hunter College, there is no minimum score for admission.

We suggest applicants spend approximately five-ten hours preparing for the GRE with a focus on becoming familiar with the exam format. The ETS website provides free preparation materials and details on how to register for the test. For information, please visit

If I took the GRE over 5 years ago, do I need to retake the exam?

GRE test scores are valid for five years from the test date and can be ordered online, via fax or by mail. Please note that if you took the exam over five years ago and can provide a printout of your exam score, you will not need to retake the exam.

If I took the GMAT or LSAT, do I need to take the GRE?

You can submit test results from the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) in lieu of the GRE.

If I missed the application deadline, is it too late to apply?

CLASS enrolls applicants for both the fall and spring semesters. If you miss the deadline, please e-mail Jackie McKinney, program coordinator for leadership development programs, at, to learn about potential next steps.

What transcripts do I need to submit along with my application?

During the first step of the process, you will need to submit your unofficial transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutes of higher learning where you earned academic credit hours. If you are admitted into the program, you will be required to submit official transcripts to Hunter College’s School of Education Office of Partnership Programs.


Program Questions


Can I transfer from the traditional Hunter College Education program into CLASS or transfer from CLASS to the traditional Hunter College Education Program?

Candidates enrolled in the CLASS program cannot transfer from CLASS into the traditional Hunter College program, nor can candidates in the traditional program transfer into CLASS.

What is the Wallace Leadership Fellowship program?

The Wallace Leadership Fellowship, sponsored by the NYCDOE, is a one-year leadership development support program designed to enhance the experience for candidates who are enrolled in NYCDOE partner universities. The program is intended for candidates aspiring to become an Assistant Principal upon completion of their graduate program. Fellows are provided with an array of NYCDOE specific supports to expand upon the offerings provided in their Educational Leadership Programs. CLASS participants who work in a NYCDOE public school are eligible to apply to the program during the spring of their first or second semester. For more information about the Wallace Leadership Fellowship program click here.


Financial Aid Questions


How much is tuition for CLASS?

The CLASS program is inline with Hunter College’s graduate school tuition and fees. Each semester consists of eight credit hours and the program lasts for four semesters overall. For a detailed breakdown of current tuition and fees, visit the Hunter College Financial Aid Website.

Are there scholarships or financial aid available for CLASS?

There are currently no school leadership scholarships directly associated with CLASS or Hunter College. However, applicants are eligible to apply for a Federal Student Loans by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.