The Charter School Teacher Residency Experience

Achieve Your Dream. Make a Difference. Become a Special Education Teacher.

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Program Details

Upon completion of the program, you will receive your Master’s in Education for grades 7-12 and be recommended for initial state certification in Special Education. You will teach for at least four years in a New Visions charter high school as a valued faculty member.

Why Join Our Charter School Residency?

Mentoring: During your first full year as a resident, you will work one-on-one with an experienced mentor teacher in a New Visions charter high school. In addition to the support of your mentor, you will also benefit from frequent feedback from an assistant principal who will support resident-mentor pairs, as well as feedback from other charter teachers and peers in your cohort.

Supported Teaching Experiences: As a resident, you’ll learn to teach through deliberate, supported practice and responsibilities that gradually increase over time. You begin the year collaborating with your mentor in a team-taught class. Your official teaching responsibilities increase during trimester 2. During trimester 3, you teach almost a complete course load so that by the end of the year, you are well-prepared for beginning full-time teaching in the fall. You will experience the range of different types of roles that special educators play in the school.

Graduate Coursework: Over 24 months, you’ll earn a master’s degree in secondary education 7-12 Special Education from Hunter College, CUNY. The course sequence is designed to align with your teaching experiences. Many courses will be delivered in an online or blended (both online and in-person) format and will be customized specifically for the cohort of New Visions charter school residents, to ensure that your time is maximized and professors and peers can tailor course content and assignments to your resident experience.

Financial Support: During your residency year, you will receive a comprehensive benefits package that includes health care coverage. After successfully completing the residency year, you are hired as a full-time teacher at a starting salary of around $60,000. New Visions charter high schools will pay your tuition up front, and then you repay approximately 50% of the tuition after you become a full-time teacher of record. The other 50% is covered by New Visions.

Who Are Ideal Candidates?

We’re looking for individuals who:

    • Are either career-changers or recent college graduates
    • Have a Bachelor’s degree conferred by June 2018
    • Have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0
    • NOT be currently certified to teach in the U.S.
    • Submit official GRE scores
    • Have a commitment to changing the lives of New York City’s high-need special education students
    • Be willing to commit to the 24-month residency and to four years of teaching in a New Visions charter high school after the successful completion of the residency
    • Have a liberal arts or science major or interdisciplinary concentration of at least 30 credits
    • Have a liberal arts and science distribution with at least:
      • 6 credits in English
      • 6 credits in foreign language
      • 6 credits in political science, history, economics, or geography with at least one course in U.S. history or U.S. geography
      • 6 credits in math
      • 6 credits in science
      • 3 credits in the arts

Why Special Education?

We believe that all learners should have equal access to educational opportunities in which barriers to learning are reduced and learner diversity is recognized, supported, and embraced. Our mission is to partner with school communities to advance this common approach to special education. We provide support through small group reading interventions, co-taught content classes, special education teacher support services and by building relationships with families through extensive outreach as well as hosting educational workshops dedicated to topics in special education.

Special Educators at the New Visions Charter High Schools:

  • Develop accessible curriculum through team co-planning, co-teaching and co-assessing
  • Build students’ academic and socio-emotional skills
  • Work with students one-on-one or in small groups
  • Advocate to ensure that students receive appropriate supports
  • Meet with families and the school-based support team
  • Create plans to for post-high school transition to ensure quality of life after high school

Why Our Charter Schools?

New Visions Charter High Schools address the gap in high-quality educational options by establishing schools in under-resourced neighborhoods, with admission through an open lottery. Over the past five years, our network has experienced success in fostering good will and participation from each school’s surrounding community and building out pathways for students with diverse needs — including high performers, students with disabilities, English Language Learners, and students reading below grade level. We have seen gains over time in students’ reading and vocabulary comprehension, average daily attendance rates (above 90%), and accelerated credit accumulation. The New Visions Charter Network had an network-wide average graduation rate of 91% in the 2015-2016 school year.

To better understand how our Charter Schools differ from District Schools, click here.

Where Are Our Charter Schools?

You must be willing and able to commute daily to your host school. During the admissions process, prospective residents will interview at the host school(s) of their preference and will be admitted to the program knowing where they will complete their residency.

Our seven participating schools are located in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, in each case co-located in buildings housing other New York City district schools.

Below you will find links to our Participating Charter Schools’ websites:

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