Charter School Teacher Residency FAQs

General Information


What is a residency?

A residency is similar to an apprenticeship. In our residency program, novice teachers spend a full school year as a resident (apprentice), working side by side with an experienced mentor teacher in a host school, while taking graduate coursework at Hunter College that culminates with a master’s degree in adolescent education. Upon completion of the program, you will be recommended for initial state certification in Special Education.

How long is the residency program?

The residency program is 24 months long. The program begins in early June, prior to the start of the residency school year. In the first summer, residents will take coursework at Hunter College, experience field work at summer school sites and take advantage of professional development opportunities with New Visions program staff.

Can I choose my mentor or where I am placed as a resident?

New Visions will send candidates being considered for the residency program to compatible charter schools for interview events. The charter schools and New Visions will collaborate to choose residents at each school that will be the best match.

Can I select the courses I take at Hunter?

Your courses are predetermined by Hunter College to ensure that they are properly aligned to your residency classroom experiences.

Financial Information

How much does it cost to join the residency?

There is no cost to join the residency. The cost of your tuition at Hunter College is deferred until the completion of your residency. During the program, residents are, however, responsible for the following costs:

  • DOE fingerprinting
  • Exam fees
  • Books
  • Transportation
  • Certification Application Fees

What do I repay after the residency?

After completion of the residency program, you are responsible for repaying half of the cost of the master’s degree program.

How Does this Program Compare to the Urban Teacher Residency?

Learning Partners Urban Teacher Residency New Visions Charter Residency
Purpose of program Developing a strong pool of well-prepared teachers to meet student needs, increase teacher retention
Key program elements Full year of residency (apprenticeship), 1-to-1 match with a trained mentor, aligned coursework, cohort of peers, ongoing support, hiring support, program begins full-time in June 2017
Type of students High-needs NYC students, representative of the overall demographics and diversity of New York City
Partner University Hunter College, City University of New York
Partner Schools 18 selected NYC DOE Schools 7 New Visions Charter High Schools
2017-2018 Content Area(s) / grade level Special Education, TESOL, English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science grades 7-12 Special Education grades 7-12
Size of program Up to 63 residents Up to 15 residents
Coursework sequence length 18 months 24 months
Teaching responsibilities Begins with one “focus” class taught with the mentor, usually adds a second focus class. Not a teacher of record during residency year. Begins as teacher of record for one course and increases responsibilities each trimester; by trimester 3, teaching almost a full load.
Weekly schedule 4 days at host school, 1 day at Hunter College 4.5 days at host school, half day at Hunter or for online coursework. Possible Saturday sessions.
Average School Day 8:30am-3pm (hours vary by school) 8:15am-4:45pm (hours vary by school)
Stipend during residency year $24,400 TBA
Benefits during residency year Medical coverage (dental and prescription drug available for additional fees) Medical and dental coverage, retirement plan
Tuition Amount Varies by subject area, around $18,000. Tuition paid up front by NYC DOE. Resident repays 50% after becoming a full-time teacher Around $18,000. Tuition paid up front by charter school. Resident repays 50% after becoming a full-time teacher.
Starting full-time salary (post-residency) $54,409 $60,300
Open to Education majors? No Yes
Service Commitment Teach in any high-needs NYC DOE school for 4 years (the vast majority of NYC DOE schools meet the high needs criteria) Teach in one of the 7 New Visions Charter Network Schools for 4 years
Admissions process next steps
  1. Online application (due by DATE)
  2. NYCTF online application, take GRE
  3. Hunter College transcript review
  4. In-person interview at New Visions
  5. Matching with host school

Make sure to take the GRE!


  1. Online application (due by DATE)
  2. Hunter College transcript review
  3. In-person interview at one of the Charter Schools
  4. Initial hire as a resident by the Charter School

Make sure to take the GRE!

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